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You Can design an API you think is ultra secure, but if you don’t test it, then a cybercriminal somewhere is going to do it for you” – API Security Expert- Mr. Jamal Hussain Shah

Advanced API Testing Techniques

Supercharge Your API: Comprehensive Testing for Unbeatable Functionality, Rock-Solid Security, and Peak Performance.

API Function Testing

Establishing comprehensive API testing protocols helps validate expected behavior for flawless functionality and identify and fix bugs early, ultimately enhancing the reliability and security of your systems.

API Security Testing

Implementing proactive security protocols is paramount to safeguarding API integrity and trust, as APIs risk data breaches and the leakage of sensitive information without robust security measures in place.

API Performance Load and Stress Testing

It’s crucial to conduct performance load and stress testing for APIs to ensure they can handle high volumes of traffic and intense usage scenarios without crashing or slowing down.

API Security Measures Guidance

Optimize API security through PCI-DSS compliance, gateway best practices, and reinforced server security, ensuring robust data protection and fostering trustworthiness, reliability, and user confidence.

Meet the Visionary Minds and Founding Innovators

Jamal Hussain Shah, CEO and API security expert, has a proven track record in penetration testing, functional testing, and performance optimization. With multiple certifications, including CISSP, ISO Lead Implementer, and Ethical Hacking, Jamal excels in cutting-edge security technologies.

Under his leadership, SINGTRADE offers trusted expertise in API security, functional testing, PCI-DSS compliance, and server API security, helping organizations strengthen their security posture and drive growth.

I opted for this area of expertise because, according to recent statistics, APIs constitute a substantial 80% of internet traffic. However, a concerning fact is that only a marginal 4% of these APIs adhere to robust security standards.

“API security is an ongoing quest, not a one-time achievement. Continuous and perpetual protection fosters trust, confidence, and long-term success in digital ecosystems.”

Jamal Hussain Shah

API security Expert

Edos cloud

Singtrade conducted a thorough assessment of API vulnerabilities and offered a detailed remediation guide with procedures, which we found satisfactory.

The Team Edos Cloud


Nigeria SE4All – Nigerian Govt. official application for Power Sector

“I want to extend my gratitude to the author of the vulnerability report for the API vulnerability assessment. After implementing mitigation for the most severe vulnerabilities, primarily addressed through a more secure web server, I appreciate the thoroughness and insights provided.”

Nigeria-SE4ALL | About (

The Production Team of


Dsmartsolutions – Pakistan

“Singtrade’s API security experts uncovered hidden vulnerabilities and provided actionable guidance, exceeding my expectations. Their expertise gave me complete confidence in our APIs’ security and reliability. ”


Mr.Shehzad Saleem


Qannas Application – Saudi Arabia

“Singtrade’s exceptional service gave us peace of mind and a secure application. Their team uncovered hidden vulnerabilities, maximized our performance, and ensured seamless load testing, exceeding our expectations. Highly recommended!”

Mr.Muhammad Amir

Software Eng.

Secure APIs, Empowering Business

Protect Your API, Protect Your Reputation

API endpoints are left open with no authentication, with organizations assuming these endpoints won’t be discovered. You should always assume they will be discovered, as attackers will try their best to find these endpoints. And you should protect all endpoints with security, regardless of whether they are documented, published, internal, or external.

Secure Insight

API Resource Risks & Monetization

API providers must enforce resource consumption limits to prevent DoS/DDoS attacks, financial burdens, and service degradation. Rate limiting is crucial for monetization, ensuring fair access for paid users while controlling infrastructure costs and maintaining service quality through automatic scaling.

A notable instance of this attack is the DDoS attack on Poland’s tax portal, causing it to be inaccessible to citizens. Hackers exploited API resources, rendering the central tax service unavailable for hours.

Hook-Based Secure API Testing Service

SINGTRADE’s hooks are script modules engineered to enhance capabilities throughout varied testing stages. They aid in configuring advanced options, initializing and manipulating requests, importing settings, executing passive assessments, performing active functions, and more. Each hook plays a unique role, enhancing automation, customization, and the overall effectiveness of security testing employing the latest techniques. This refined professional service leverages API capabilities through hooks.

API Token Misconfigurations

API tokens are powerful for authentication and authorization, but they pose risks if mishandled. Despite their complexity, vulnerabilities can arise, making thorough testing essential. Testing uncovers weaknesses, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities in JW token generation, processing, and handling, ensuring timely mitigation and strengthened security measures. For a significant period, my testing service has found that approximately 90% of JWT implementations are vulnerable due to unsigned signatures.

Detecting API Logic Flaws

Testing for business logic flaws can be challenging because each business operates uniquely. Automated scanners often struggle to detect these issues, as they are intrinsic to the API’s intended use. To effectively identify these flaws, you need a deep understanding of the business and API operations, and then consider how an attacker might exploit these features.

Advanced API Shielding Solutions

Our API server security consultancy covers six key areas to fortify your API’s defenses effectively. With tailored solutions and expert insights, we ensure comprehensive protection for your API server.

API Security Gateway

Implementing a robust API gateway is crucial to safeguard against sensitive data breaches and prevent DDoS and DOS attacks. Our API gateway security service ensures comprehensive protection, enhancing developer experience, reducing breaches and issues, and allowing more time for API improvements rather than firefighting.”


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